Unplanned downtime is already a matter of the past


Our important and long-term customer, BENTELER Automotive Klášterec s.r.o., contacted us with a request to design a solution exactly tailored to the needs of their company.


Before we get to the description and process of the solution itself, let’s introduce our customer:

BENTELER is an international family-owned company serving customers in the automotive, energy and engineering industries. As a strategic and innovative partner, they develop, manufacture and distribute security-related products, systems and services.

BENTELER Automotive is a development partner of leading car manufacturers. With approximately 23,000 employees and more than 70 plants in approximately 25 countries, they develop tailor-made solutions for their customers. Their portfolio includes components and modules for the automotive industry in the areas of chassis parts, bodies, engines and exhaust systems and system solutions for electric vehicles.



BENTELER Automotive Klášterec s.r.o. was looking for a solution for vibration monitoring on a linear drive (feeder) on a hot forming line.


The failure of the linear drive (feeder) resulted in unplanned downtime in a production and cost increasing. To resolve this situation, one of our sales representatives recommended our customer our BCM multifunction sensor, which can detect various variables such as vibration, contact temperature, relative humidity and ambient pressure, which it then processes. It further provides this necessary data to the host system via the IO-Link communication standard. In addition, the sensor can detect and communicate its current status as well as keep you informed of its temperature, number of operating hours and start-up cycles.




Description of the solution:

The data are sent from the condition monitoring sensor BCM0001 via the Profinet module BNI005H to the PLC.

The OPC server reads data from the PLC via Ethernet in a defined cycle.



GRAFANA software is used for data visualization.






Thanks to the solution they have implemented, they can predict potential line failures and unplanned downtime ahead of time.